I slip into your persona like a buttery pair of stilettos & write for you, incognito.

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Persuasive copy for
provocative brands

By Julie Cabezas
Copywriter to the Stars




Julie Cabezas is an acclaimed copywriter to high-performance experts, coaches, and savants in design, education, tech, and the arts.

She produces work that inspires and delights. Her clients often marvel at her ability to copy their voice just hours after meeting them, relieved that they finally have someone they can trust to "outsource" their writing - someone who gets the power of their message and the nuances of their style.

Julie is a dedicated mother, community leader, philanthropist, and adventurer.

I believe a woman is happiest when she plays the leading role in her life. Allow me to place the spotlight on you.

As a rising star, you have less and less time for writing. At first, you did all your own stuff. But now? You're barely getting your emails out on time.

That's where I come in to take over your brand writing. I cloak myself in your persona and double your output.

Inspired by fine art, theatre, and the greats of every discipline, I have a deep appreciation for mastery and making business a work of art.

Your voice. Your masterpiece.

Why does business writing have to be boring? In my world, it's where all the magic happens.

And guess what?
It's showtime, baby!

Brand copywriter
to the stars. (That's You.)

Brand copywriter
to the stars.
(That's You.)

Inspired by you.





"I hired Julie to add a super-boost to one of my affiliate promotions. I'd never used Instagram to support the launch before, but HOLY MOLEY I'm so glad I did. Julie wrote all my captions and implemented an IG strategy that supported my biggest affiliate launch yet - more than $104K in revenue!"

"Julie's copy is as good as launch-gold."

founder of tarzan kay global

“Julie taught me the ins and outs of Instagram. At the time, I thought I hated the platform. Now, writing captions for Instagram is one of the greatest joys in my business.”

"I get paid $6,000 a day to write inspirational quotes on Instagram."

laura belgray
founder of talking shrimp

“I've worked with David Letterman, the Oxygen network, and just about every big name star you can think of, but my brand voice didn't reflect that. Thanks to Julie, now it does. She even created my iconic "PR Passport" concept that I use and love."

"Julie crafted my brand positioning & tone of voice to reflect my expertise."

jackie berlowski
founder of greathergood

"I entered the world of parenting years ago, and I always dreamed of having my own brand. Julie brought that dream brand to life. Hatch + Bloom is the perfect name for my company, and my tagline "Confident parents. Happier littles." perfectly describes what I want to accomplish. Plus my site is out of this world!"

"Julie not only named my brand and came up with my tagline. She wrote my entire site copy too. I'm so in love!"

evelyn mendal
founder of hatch + Bloom

what do you need first?

Give your work the wow-factor it deserves. Let’s write copy that finally does you justice.


➳ Branded website copy designed to elevate your brand & sell your services

➳ Engaging, conversational copy that leads to opt-ins and “love her” shout-outs in the media and on social

➳ An email marketing strategy that makes your follow-up from your website seamless and exciting (leading people to hop on your calendar for a sales call without your having to do a thing!)

➳ A presence that reflects the value and credibility of your work

➳ A painless writing process, equipped with the revisions, approvals and oversights that you need - delivered according to our agreed upon timeline

In case you're wondering: I don’t personally design websites; I just do the writing. However, I do have a team who can produce the photography, graphic design, video content, and site development you need for a total site makeover.

Your investment in my
Website Package includes:

You're leaving money on the table!

➳Your site is on Wix or some other platform that immediately says “I’m an amateur online, and I paid $200 for my website.”

➳Your site was built prior to 2010. Every five years or so, your site should get a copy refresh, with updated testimonials, accomplishments, & business focus. Not to mention a refined tone of voice.

➳You’re a top expert in your field, but you’ve never invested in hiring a professional to articulate what makes you the best at what you do.

➳Your website copy reads like a copy of your printer’s manual instead of like a beautiful, engaging “magazine”.

➳Your website isn’t really showing off your credibility, capturing leads, and nurturing inquiries for your packages & programs like it could be.

Your website copy may
need a makeover if:

If you had broccoli in your teeth, would you want me to tell you? If so, then you’re my kind of woman.

So many powerful women have terrible websites! It’s the equivalent of wearing a gorgeous Givenchy dress with broccoli stuck in your teeth.

Website Copy

➳ Have lots and lots of options to choose from (none of this “two concept” hullabaloo other copywriters try to pull)

➳ Settle on a name and tagline you absolutely love (or we keep working until we find it)

➳ Support from our attorney to do an initial analysis to make sure the brand name & tagline can be trademarked, if you want it to be

➳ A Guaranteed Do-over if, for any reason, your name cannot be trademarked

If you invest in my
Brand Name & Tagline Package,
we’ll make sure you:

If you invest in my Brand Name & Tagline Package, we’ll make sure you:

➳You choose something that has a fully cohesive suite of URL’s and social media handles available

➳You select something that’s not too challenging to remember or spell, and if multiple words, doesn’t have any strange center word like Kissassassination.com (there’s a bad word and too many s’s!)

➳You select something that your competitors haven’t already chosen or trademarked & that you have a reasonable chance of trademarking yourself

➳You’re absolutely in love with it and you want to say it all day long to yourself, even in the shower

➳It captures your style, whether that’s cutesy, passionate, inappropriate, sophisticated, sparse or exotic

When you choose a brand name,
you'll want to ensure:

When you choose a brand name, you'll want to ensure:

I agree with Shakespeare: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But “Bugleweed” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Beloved brand names are the foundation where you build your legacy. Let’s make it a really, really bad*ss one.

The naming process is quite an intricate one, and it includes a mix of strategy, legality, and creativity.

Brand Name & Tagline

➳ Completely transform your relationship with your email list. It will be one of your favorite ways to market to your adoring fans

➳ Give you email marketing funnels that make your audience say, “She’s so fresh! I just love her emails!”

➳ Welcome sequences, new client sequences, nurture sequences, abandon cart sequences, and reengagement sequences that create a white glove customer experience

➳ A consistently profitable channel with plenty of opportunities for your audience to buy from you woven through your strategy

➳ A systematic way of receiving real referrals from past & future clients!

All completely tailored to your needs.

Your investment in my
Email Marketing Package will:

Your investment in my Email Marketing Package will:

➳You don’t even have an opt-in on your website or you’re saying “what’s an email list” (holy cow, we’ve got to get you caught up!)

➳You have a list from way back in the day and you’d love to turn it into cash, but you have no idea how

➳You have a fresh email list and you know you could be doing so much with it, but it’s always the last thing on your to-do list

➳You would love to write emails all day every day, but you just don’t know what to write

➳You write emails all the time, but you struggle to get good open rates or see much of anything come from all your effort

You need help monetizing
your email list if:

The happiest day of my life was when I stopped helping people build their email lists and started focusing on helping them make the most of the ones they already have. 

If you want to monetize the list you already have, then you’ll find no better partner in crime.

Email Marketing

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